Our values embody the DNA of FI&FO. They are a permanent part of the day-to-day conduct and decision-making of our team.

The six core values of FI&FO :


Our clients are at the heart of our organization. We earnestly believe that our success and growth rely on the degree of satisfaction of our clients.


We are totally independent in our ways of thinking, in our choices, in our suggestions and advice. We strive to provide the most appropriate response to our client’s needs and always put its interests first so as to create durable relationships.


We are giving ourselves the means to exceed expected quality standards, whether in terms of service or client relationship. Excellence of the services delivered entails the development and strengthening of long-term bonds of trust with our clients.


We address all our clients’ strategic issues and challenges as if they were our own.


Our commitment is reflected in many ways, notably through the thorough knowledge and understanding of our clients’ needs and expectations. Commitment is a fundamental precept of our client service, as we are dedicated to meeting or exceeding applicable standards and ever greater and coercive demands.


We are passionate about what we do and about our clients’ business. Passion, without which nothing great can ever be achieved, means above all constantly challenging our own limits, breaking the mold and thinking outside the box… and demonstrating a high level of enthusiasm in the accomplishment of our mission.

Our philosophy: