Having worked in Audit Firms and Banks, we believe in the emergence of new actor in the sectors of activities of Financial Engineering and of Family Office thanks to our ability to adapt and to the quality of services that we propose.


Over the years, a specific regulatory framework in Luxembourg was created for investment vehicles: private equity vehicles and venture capital vehicles (SOPARFI, SICAR), international pension funds (SEPCAV, ASSEP), specialized investment funds (SIF), securitization vehicles as well as management companies of alternative investment funds (SCS, SCSp).

Today, there are about 45.000 investment companies and holding companies in Luxembourg (cf. graph).

Investment companies domiciled in Luxembourg (the end of 2012)


Source: Luxembourg for Finance (www.lff.lu); ABBL – Securization in Luxembourg (www.abbl.lu); estimations Deloitte


Our objective is to contribute to optimize the structuration of your estate and of your activities in relation with the counsels of your lawyers. Once the structure is implemented, Luxembourg vehicles will be created and followed by FI&FO, who will ensure to support them over time.

With the accumulated experience of our senior collaborators in accountancy, financial and fiscal disciplines for different types of vehicles of Luxembourg companies and the authorization of establishment in Luxembourg n° 10079742 /1 from Order of Accounting Experts, we are able to provide you with all services of the highest quality that you may need.

Based on the One Stop Shopping concept, FI&FO is your key partner in Luxembourg. Our main goal is to meet all your Financial Engineering and Corporate Services needs (Accounting, Legal, Tax, office rental, HR,…).


Alongside the Financial Engineering and Corporate Services activities, FI&FO also offers multi-Family Office services. Based on mutual trust, the classic and fundamental role of our Family Office is to safeguard, preserve and develop your family’s wealth in the long run, with the prospect of its transmission to the next generations. Beyond Wealth Management, the scope of activity of our Family Office includes the development of an investment and asset allocation strategy, wealth structuring, estate planning and risk management. The administrative functions mainly consist of reportings, provided to authorities or to your family members.

We expect this sector to witness a significant development in Luxembourg thanks to the legislative framework ensuring families a monitoring essential to the building of trust. Indeed, trust is nourished by control. The goal of FI&FO multi-family office services is to safeguard your interests by organizing your wealth management in all its aspects, in the best way possible : investment strategy, wealth structure, reporting, estate planning and risk management.



Holding a Master diploma in Economics and Management (Nancy II), Anne Walter started her career in 2000 within the Audit department at Mazars Luxembourg, and became Senior Manager in charge of an impressive portfolio of international clients. In 2013, she joined the Corporate Services department of a Fiduciary in Luxembourg as Senior Manager.

As a Chartered Accountant in Luxembourg and after 16 years of successful professional experience in Luxembourg, she decided to join FI&FO in 2017 in order to develop, alongside Emmanuel Lebeau, Financial Engineering and Family Office activities.




Holding a Master degree in Finance (Paris II), Emmanuel LEBEAU began his career at Paribas Luxembourg. After he graduated as Chartered Accountant in France, he obtained his Chartered Accountant designation in Luxembourg, and he was appointed Head Manager at FIDUPAR (subsidiary of the BNP PARIBAS GROUP in Luxembourg) in charge of research and development of the Financial Engineering activity. In 2011, after spending almost 15 years within the BNP PARIBAS group, he teamed up with former Paribas colleagues to create OPEXIA PSF, pioneer Business Process Outsourcer in Luxembourg, in partnership with Oddo private bank. As Managing Director, his main role consisted in developing the Financial Engineering services offered by the company.

With a successful experience of 20 years in Luxembourg, he created FI&FO in 2017, a new player in the Luxembourg financial marketplace, focusing on two major activities : Financial Engineering and Family Office.



Emmanuel VOIRIN has over twenty years experience in the areas of Accounting, Consolidation and Management, in France and in Luxembourg as well. He worked for ten years in accounting firms in France. His excellent track record allowed him to join the FIDUPAR team in 2005, notably taking responsibility for all issues relating to accounts reviews and consolidation. In 2013, he joined Emmanuel LEBEAU within d’OPEXIA PSF as Head of Accounting, Consolidation and regulatory reporting. In 2017, he chose to pursue his career by associating himself with the creation of FI&FO S.A., alongside Emmanuel Lebeau and Anne WALTER, in order to share his own expertise in the fields of Accounting, Consolidation, regulatory and financial reporting, legal and tax affairs, and Family Office.




François MAYET holds a Master in Management, Banking & Corporate Finance from the Toulouse Business School and started his career in 2008 within the Corporate & Investment Banking teams at BNP Paribas Luxembourg. He then joined the teams of FIDUPAR for 6 years where he joined the research and development department in financial engineering before taking charge of the development and follow-up of the French UHNWI clientele.

In 2015, as part of the sale of FIDUPAR by the BNP Paribas Group, he joined the French Private Banking teams of BGL BNP Paribas, as a Private Banker dedicated to the development and then in charge of a portfolio of UHNWI clients.

With 10 years of successful professional experience in Luxembourg in the fields of financial engineering and private banking, he decided in 2018 to join FI&FO in order to take responsibility of the development and monitoring of the Family Office activity.